WorldWide Alive Live Album - 2020

Our upcoming LIVE album, WorldWide Alive, is set to release on 09/11/2020 through Cleopatra Records, containing BHC's favorite LIVE classics plus some bonus tracks.

Pre-Orders of CD & Vinyl Avialable Now, get it before the 09/11/2020 Digital Release!

All That Led Us Here - 2014

All that led us here, Boy Hits Car's 5th studio album is arguably the bands best work to date keeping the trademark BHC sound and reaching new territory at the same time. The album was released May 2nd 2014 in Europe through Eternal Sound records and through in the US.


Stealing Fire - 2011

Stealin Fire

'Stealing Fire' the bands fourth album is set to be released in mid March in US independently and Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Benelux through Soulfood Music. The highly anticipated 'Stealing Fire' has built up a lot of interest worldwide and has led to over 3 weeks of festival dates for summer 2011 in Germany and Austria.

Boy Hits Car has also chosen March 15th as a digital release for Stealing Fire through their website. The hard work and desire put into this album will bring forth the platform needed to launch Boy Hits Car back into the masses. Take a listen and journey into the soul of Boy Hits Car. If you share the same passion and believe in what Boy Hits Car has created please step forward.

The Passage - 2005

Stealin Fire

Written between Nov 2001 through May 2004, (aside from 'This Song for You', which was written in 1995), The Passage encompasses a very ambiguous time in the history of BHC, and this conceptual album is the result. Recorded & mixed in Santa Monica, CA from May-Sep 2004, the band wasn't sure if The Passage would be BHC's final recording. Ironically enough, it became the bands saving grace after it was released independently in 2005, and eventually gained traction at active rock radio, with the 'add' of 'Escape the World' to Atlanta's Project 96.1


BOY HITS CAR are known for playing the sickest, loveliest, ugliest, prettiest, most beautiful, melodic, heartfelt music that the band dubs "Love Core". Most recent masterpiece, 'The Passage' is an intense journey from start to finish down the road of passion, loss, anger, and survival. Adrenalin pumping pains from "The Sound of a Breaking Heart" to the gut wrenching powerful ballad that beholds "Everything" and culminating in the epic that the album is named for, "The Passage" is a collection of what rock n roll once was and should always be. First single, "Escape the World" is spending the better of winter in heavy rotation and creating a buzz of its own.


Self Titled - 2001

Stealin Fire

After signing a deal with Wind-Up/Epic records, BHC went into the studio in the spring of 2000, and wrote what would be the quintessential songs for their first global release. Recorded from Aug-Oct 2000 at The Wherehouse in Vancouver BC, and released in Jan 01, the 'ST' album went on to sell ten's of thousands of copies world-wide, and the singles 'I'm a Cloud', and 'Man Without Skin' did quite well at modern/active rock radio nationally. The band hopes to gain the license rights to do an independent re-issue... "... One of 2001's most innovative and invigorating bands"- METAL HAMMER, April 2001. "... An epic album that invigorates, inspires and excites"- 'Album of the month' ROCK SOUND, April 2001. "... Raw, unblemished artistry... Nothing short of devastating..."- KKKK-KERRANG, May-01


My Animal - 1998

Stealin Fire

The debut album, which contains the bands best work from the first 4 years of their existence. Recorded in Los Angeles in 1997, the album was released in June of 1998. Again, BHC hopes to obtain the rights to do a proper re-issue. 'My Animal' is a great album. I love the way their early work doesn't follow the verse-chorus-bridge song structure most typical in modern rock. You never know what's going to happen next. Songs like "In The Lateness of the Day" feature parts that are done with just bass and vocals. There's some beautiful slow-but-heavy riffs on this album".